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Coto Mothers Club Activity Descriptions

Community Service-In the Fall of 2009, our club selected Miracles For Kids (M4K) as our “preferred local charity” to provide on-going support.  We have donated funds, as well as volunteered time to help their organization.  M4K provides assistance to children with cancer, and other life threatening diseases that come from local, low-income families.  Three times each year, we assist M4K with their “Miracles Baskets” program by donating items and sending volunteers to assemble and/or deliver baskets to the M4K children and their families.  Everyone is encouraged to volunteer at least once and mature kids, and Dads are welcome to participate also! 

Field Trips (All Ages) Local outings to places like Tanaka Farms (Strawberry/Watermelon/Pumpkin picking), Irvine Regional Park (Train Rides & holiday splendor), Fire Station, California Pizza kitchen tour, Henry’s Marketplace tour, Armstrong Nursery, and The Ocean Institute are crowd pleasers for kids of all ages.  Field trips are usually planned one per month and Mothers drive their own kids and meet at the field trip location at a designated time. 

Gourmet Night
(Couples, no Kids) Every other month, a group of couples meet at someone’s home to enjoy a themed, gourmet dinner.  The evening is coordinated by one person and that hostess will set the theme, assign menu items to participants and send invitations.  Memorable themed dinners in the past have included:

                  §   Formal 5-Course English Holiday Celebration

                  §   Tuscan Countryside

                  §   Wedding Throw-Back

                  §   Hot August Nights – 70’s theme

                  §   March Madness

                  §   Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

                  §   Greek Toga

                  §   Spring Soiree

At each dinner there are 8-10 couples, of which half rotate every time so that everyone has an opportunity to meet new people.   

Multiple groups of 4-5 couples are formed at the end of each calendar year.  Each group is then assigned to have dinner with another group on a rotating schedule.  Depending on how many groups are formed, each group will have about 6 dinners throughout the year, but they will only be responsible for hosting half of those dinners.  Regardless of the host, everyone is assigned a menu item to prepare and bring, but this is no ordinary “pot luck!” 

One of the best things about this activity is that is gives the Dads a chance to meet and form friendships with other Dads!

Helping Hands
-Having a baby or serious medical treatment?   Or, are you in need of some help due to a life event affecting your family?  Helping Hands will coordinate club members to deliver meals or run errands to help Mothers & families in need.  Submit your own request, or nominate someone that is in need to the Helping Hands Coordinator.  Even better, contact Helping Hands to be placed on a list to be called so you can help when someone is in need!  If you’re a good cook, even better, but if not, just bring some bagels & cream cheese for an easy breakfast or dinner take-out from one of our many local restaurants is fine too! 

Holiday Happenings
(All Ages) Year after year, kids cherish annual Holiday traditions including Halloween Costume Party, Holiday Party with Santa, Mother's Day "secret Moms," and more! 

Playgroups (Kids 0-5 Years) Playgroups are the best way to meet other Mothers and kids similar in age to your own. Many of the friendships formed between Mothers and kids originated at a playgroup.  Playgroups for various ages are scheduled on weekdays.  Depending on the playgroup and the Coordinator, some groups meet on the same day each month, while others move the day/time around, or meet more often.  Playgroups are “drop in,” but RSVP’s are usually requested.  The age groups below are recommended, but flexible if a MOM has other kids that need to come along to their sibling’s group! 

Creative Corner - 
(All ages) This event occurs one afternoon monthly at a members home or local park.  A creative theme will be selected, such as a kids craft, moms craft, or fun recipe function.  A fun "playgroup" and opportunity to meet other members. 

Mom's Time Out!
(Mothers Only) One evening each month, mothers are invited for “Time Out” to meet at a local Wine Bar or Restaurant, or a member will hostess a game night or social in her home.  This is a great evening away from the responsibilities of being a Mother and it allows our members to have some fun and build friendships. 

4 o’clock Fridays and “First Friday”
(All ages) Every Friday, we meet at Gene’s Park at 4pm.  All ages are welcome and this is a great opportunity for MOTHERS to socialize while kids of all ages play together.

Dad’s Activities
(Dad’s & the kids) A time for Dad’s to meet each other and spend time on a weekend morning with their young kids, or playing basketball one weekday evening. 

(Mothers only) Several times a year, we have speakers for talk or lesson on parenting and family issues or general interest subjects including beauty, fashion, health, diet, cooking and home organization. 

Special Events
(Ages Vary) Family Fun Day is an old-fashioned family park & BBQ outing complete with games like potato sack races, spoon & egg relays, watermelon eating contest, Dad’s on tricycles and obstacle courses are sure to please all types & ages.  The games are followed by either a BBQ or pot-luck. 

Other special events that have been popular in the past, but are for couples or Mother’s only are the Couples Cocktail Party or Wine & Cheese evening, Temecula Wine Tasting tour, and Spa Day. 

A Family Photo Day is usually scheduled each year by a local photographer who provides family portraits at a reduced cost to our membership.